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Hummingbird Solar Powered LED Rainbow Lighting Wind Chimes

Hummingbird Solar Powered LED Rainbow Lighting Wind Chimes

"I Got This As A Gift For My Mom For Her Birthday And She Absolutely Loves It!! The Hummingbirds Change Colors And They Are Absolutely Beautiful. Exactly As Advertised And I Highly Recommend!"



At Night, This Wind Chime Will Shine In Wonderful Colors To Light Up Your Garden In Magical Colors Making You And Your Family Happy. 




It comes in a variety of designs:

hummingbird wind chimes, sun wind chimes, butterfly wind chimes, heart wind chimes, and dragonfly wind chimes.

They are powered by solar batteries that recharge daily in the sun and can be hung in the garden, or the patio. 

Easy to hang and move wind chimes indoor/outdoor


What’s more, they will not get deformed, light weight, easy to hang. They can be placed both indoors and outdoors, which are ideal gifts for decorating courtyard, garden, patio, backyard, front porch and bedroom, making your life interesting. A variety of styles are available for you to choose from:hummingbird wind chime、sun wind chime、Butterfly Wind Chimes、Heart Wind Chimes、 dragonfly wind chimes.

Solar Power Hummingbird Light Wind Chime


They built-in solar panel can automatically charge on sun shines.Put wind chime exposed to light source(Sunlight is the best), it will automatically charge during the day and light up at night without manual operation.

Frequently asked questions about?


What are wind chimes good for?

Wind chimes have two main benefits. The sounds produced by wind chimes are non harmony sounds that have a calming effect on the mind. These sounds can greatly aid meditation, reduce stress and promote relaxation. They have a healing effect on the mind. They bring feelings of inner peace and a sense of overall balance and well-being.

Moreover, in some Oriental schools of thought, wind chimes are supposed to create Zen energy attracting peaceful spirits while driving away the evil ones. They create a positive aura in the particular space in which they are placed dispelling the negative energies.

Wind Chimes also enhance the aesthetics of a home adding colors and variety to your decor.

Where should wind chimes be placed in the house?

According to the principles of Feng Shui, a wind chime, installed in the north-western or western corner of the house can drive away bad luck.

Are birds afraid of wind chimes?

The unusual sounds of the wind chimes may scare away the birds for the first few times, but it’s more likely that as they get used to the sounds of the wind chimes, they will eventually return. 

Is wind chime a good gift?

Be it a birthday, anniversary, Mother's Day, Christmas, or a housewarming , every time the wind blows, the person will remember you. That in itself makes wind chimes an ideal gifting idea. Wind Chimes can accent your garden, or patio, or even be hung indoors. Wind Chimes in the kitchen can add new joy to your chores. LED wind chimes in the garden can create your very own evening wonderland resplendent in radiant colors, that leave your guests delighted and happy. 

How do I choose a wind chime?

If you’re buying traditional wind chimes, remember that wind chimes with many tubes can combine more sounds to create different harmonies, while wind chimes with fewer tubes have a smaller range of well-tuned sound.

On the other hand, you can also buy our solar powered LED wind chimes.

They come in a variety of designs shining beautifully to transform your outdoor spaces in radiant colors. 

Do windchimes bother hummingbirds?

Some Wind Chimes May Scare Birds Away

Some wind chimes are likely going to scare birds away from your property. ... The loud sounds will startle birds and make them want to avoid the area. This will keep you from having to clean up messes made by the birds, and some people will like using wind chimes for these purposes.

What is the meaning behind wind chimes?

Wind chimes are thought to be good luck in parts of Asia and are used in FengShui. Wind chimes started to become modernized around 1100 B.C. after the Chinese began to cast bells. ... Today, wind chimes are common in the East and used to maximize the flow of chi, or life's energy.

Is it bad to hang wind chimes?

Wind chimes comprise a set of hollow metal pipes that create pleasant sounds when they hit each other. In most houses a wind chime is fixed facing the front door. As a result, it produces a sound whenever guests arrive. ... To cast away bad luck, fengshui suggests hanging a wind chime with five pipes in the house.

What are hummingbirds afraid of?

Hummingbirds are little creatures, so they are wary of any loud noises. Loud music, children, or barking dogs can all scare them away. If you want to provide a safe haven for them, keep noise to a low and see if that does the trick.

Do wind chimes attract spirits?

Wind chimes certainly do not attract ghosts. ... However, if you have to hang wind chimes in your bedroom for whatever reason you should always make sure that they are not hanging over a sleeping person.

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